Korean guy 1

I have to write about the current situation. I have decided I won't have any more relationship until I get married.

Currently, I've got sort of good friend since I come to abroad. I took the same class as he participated, and since then we start to meet constantly on campus. Apparently, he has a family, Christian Korean guy then we try to make an appropriate distance.

We asked each other to meet on campus, to take a coffee and it is always about 90 mins. the frequency to be asked by him is higher than mine. I was thinking it might be ok because it is in abroad, I need someone to share my feeling. we just talking.

When I come bakc to my home, one of my best friends since child stated that if her husband is doing such a thing, she might upset. I totally understand my behaviour is wired. Additionally to say he sends me a text that he misses me , and he is not drunk.

I finally try to take distance. tend to reply shortly. It is all good for between us.

In the same time, I have to ask him to drive a car and help my moving house. it is .....not really good for both of us, I have to make another friends or take part in a meetup.